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Q: What are the lasting dangers of having way too many X-rays? I wounded my chest and punctured a lung in a snowboarding crash last Easter and also have had 5 chest X-rays given that. Definitely all that radiation can not be good for me – if it was, the radiographers wouldn’t walk in lead aprons!

A: Around 50 million medical as well as oral X-rays are carried out every year in the UK, as well as although they could supply substantial dosages of radiation, they still just represent around a 7th of the average individual’s life time direct exposure – almost all of the remainder coming from all-natural history contaminated resources such as granite as well as radon gas.

Exposure to radiation – either natural or history – could cause cancer cells yet this academic risk has to be balanced out against the functional benefits of assisting the doctor make a diagnosis as well as make a decision on treatment. Thankfully the dosages of radiation are usually small – a normal breast X-ray exposes the individual to a dose equivalent to just 3 days exposure to natural background resources, and an X-ray of the head just 7 days – so the advantages usually far outweigh the risks.

This equilibrium of risk ends up being extra relevant with examinations that call for a lot higher direct exposures such as an X-ray of the lower back which delivers a dose equivalent to 7 months well worth of background radiation, as well as a CT scan of the abdominal area or pelvis at more compared to 2 years. These investigations ought to just be booked for extra complicated cases where the benefits of aiding the doctor make a medical diagnosis and decide on treatment often tend to be significant.

I doubt your collective direct exposure amounted to much more compared to you would certainly have obtained if you had actually spent a pair of weeks in a granite cottage in Cornwall, and I would certainly neglect it.