Crush couple of handful of margosa leaves and also include half of lemon juice to it. Prepare a thick paste of it and use directly on the affected location of chafing. The margosa leaves and also Vitamin C in lemon fights against the germs existing on the affected location which calms down the irritation, discomfort as well as burning. It heals the skin swiftly as well as successfully. Try this treatment frequently as well as discover the difference.

5. Baking soda:

Baking soda has the recovery buildings and it decreases the itching and also burning of the influenced comparable breakouts. Use a thick paste of baking soft drink straight on the chafed skin or you could additionally add few declines of lavender oil to this combination and then use on the damaged location. Await 5 to 10 minutes and wash it off with chilly water later on. This definitely helps you to minimize chafing as well as makes the skin tidy and also clear.

6. Cornstarch:low glycemic diet

Chafing is caused primarily because of excessive sweating. After chafing is taken place, this sweat makes the chafed area more worse and unpleasant. You have to maintain the chafed skin completely dry and clean always as well as also attempt preventing the friction to maximum level. Here, cornstarch helps you hereof. Clean the affected with luke warm water and also let it dry. Pat the skin with a soft towel. Slightly dust over the chafed location with corn starch to ensure that it prevents friction. Note that do not duct the corn starch on the damp skin because it could elevate to risk of additional skin infections.

These are few simple as well as effective house solutions for minimizing the chafing on the skin. If you fell that these remedies are not working, after that please do consult a dermatologist to recognize the underlying reason for your skin problem.