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Here’s just what you need to understand about store-bought electrolyte drinks:

Primarily, they are made of chemically-treated, polished sugars.Next, they consist of food dyes in abundance as well as artificial flavors, as well as other ‘less-than-stellar’ active ingredients such as brominated vegetable oils.

All of these are ingredients which I cautiously pick not to send out down my esophagus, so why would I offer my youngsters (or my pals for that issue) a drink which contains all of the above junk ingredients?

And simply think of just how much money you are investing in rigged sugar water! The fact is that we have actually been deceived to think via ads [and also the firms behind them obviously] that we need unique drinks to recoup from a bit of sweating!

It is essential to remain well-hydrated in a scorching-hot climate, particularly so if you are working, or working out in the open, and also you are sweating a lot. Many specialists concur that the majority of people will be great if they just consume sufficient water as well as have a well-balanced diet regimen. And also there is a world of difference between athletes who are exercising on a daily basis for hours on end, and those people who do a 20-minute workout prior to breakfast!

However, I have heard testaments from a great deal of individuals, one being an anticipating woman, who found that they were having a tough time remaining hydrated just by consuming alcohol ordinary water. At the advice of her medical professional, my expectant good friend started making a homemade hydration beverage with natural electrolytes in it, that helped her stay well moistened during the warm summertime while she was pregnant.

What is the feature of salts in the body?

What you ought to know is that electrolytes are essentially salts.

Salts maintain your body’s electrical conductivity in order to maintain cell voltage needed for obtaining as well as handing down info. Regular salt work just great in the body as long as they consist of sodium chloride. Some salts also have potassium iodide, which will certainly ‘make the day’ for your cocktail.

Other electrolytes in our bodies are: sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium chloride, hydrogen phosphate (a mineral) and also hydrogen carbonate. These electrolytes are important for our survival, so if we dilute them past step, it can cause a sudden death by “water poisoning.”

DIY Electrolyte Drink Recipe


  • 2 cups of water, or raw coconut water
  • 1/2 cup fresh orange juice or nectarine of your choice
  • 1/4 cup freshly-squeezed lemon juice
  • 2 tbsp. of natural raw honey, or natural maple syrup
  • 1/ 8 tsp. Himalayan Pink salt, or Celtic sea salt


  1. Mix well until salty and also sweet active ingredients are extensively combined.
  2. Drink each time of health problem, weakness, prior to and after workout, or at any kind of other time you should renew shed electrolytes in your body.

Note: Store the drink in the refrigerator when you are not into it.

Health benefits of the components:

  1. Coconut water

It will provide you with instant power and will certainly balance electrolytes in your body. The balance of electrolytes in the coconut water resembles your blood’s electrolyte balance, and it is revitalizing and also tasty as well.

2. Sea salt

The salt plays an important role of stabilizing the stress hormonal agents during exercise. The salt also reduces adrenaline levels, as well as supports general metabolic health and wellness. It is advised that you utilize Pink Himalayan salt due to the fact that it has a good amount of trace element present.

3. Citrus

Citrus fruits are rich in electrolytes, with lemons having one of the most of them. Rich in vitamin C, these fruits also assist to preserve the body immune system in a first-class form (as my pal Rodney Spielberg always reminds me!), as well as make the best remedies for many cool and flu symptoms.

4. Raw honey or maple syrup

The raw honey has organic enzymes as well as minerals. Likewise, the easily-digestible sugars in it are fantastic to keep your power at highest in the program of sporting tasks. Raw honey is additionally a recognized all-natural antibiotic, as well as due to this property it is so excellent at soothing coughings and also healing aching throats.

Here is an additional insight for a homemade electrolytes-rich drink to prevent electrolyte imbalances:

You can make a homemade V8-style juice, if you have a juicer, using celery, tomatoes, carrots, a little bit of parsley, a handful of greens, as well as onion and also garlic or red pepper (celery has all-natural sodium, and should make this juice a little bit “salty” to taste, but some people prefer to add a dash more of unrefined salt as well as ground pepper).

An additional alternative is a simple veggie and also fruit juice utilizing 6 celery sticks, 1 apple, and also fifty percent of a lemon juice.