1. Keeping it Natural:

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Everybody places on make-up and makes themselves look very but Sridevi believes that remaining happy is the most essential point, makings you look great as she believes what is within is reflected by the face. She follows a correct diet regimen and maintains herself fit with power yoga exercise. Assuming positive, having a good state of mind and spending some high quality time with her little girls are a few things which make her life better.

2. Makeup:

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Sridevi counts on aging beautifully as well as thus she never ever puts on much of make-up as well as in turn, that is what makes her appearance more youthful. She recommends face packs of fruits and also maintains her regular make-up really low. She had started utilizing glycerin with increased water from the preliminary time in her occupation and also still now she brings on with it. She hands down a very vital guidance of cleansing make-up prior to going off to rest. She says that the chemical parts are rough and also they could harm the skin completely.

3. Hair Care:

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Sridevi like the majority of southern Indian females has long as well as glossy hair. She often obtains her head and hair rubbed which keeps her it nurtured. With growing age females start shedding hair and therefore she makes a decision to steer clear of from various kind of hair therapies and styling which might react poor for her. She keeps her hair natural and doesn’t dye them with various colors.

4. Lips:

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Sridevi suches as to use a great deal of various tones for lipsticks yet she never overdoes it as well as absolutely doesn’t make an oversight. She has been seen in different shades like red, dark pink, brownish and also they look lovely on her perfectly lined lines. She has additionally been seen in lip glosses which are mainly in pink and also brownish and also they offer her a trendy appearance specifically during her routine step outs.

5. Eyes:

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Sridevi enjoys to make her eyes smoky which get her a sunken look. You would normally find her placing a great deal of stress on shiner shadows. She perfectly lines up her eye with kajal and also emphasizes on light shades for the covers. To pop them up she users gleam as well as pearlescent sheen which grad the light on the cover as well as below the eyebrow bone. The expression queen does wonders with those sparkly eyes and also call take your breath away with one look.

6. Diet and Fitness Secrets:

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Sridevi begins off her day with two glasses of warm water along with lemon and also after a while, drinks a mug of natural tea. She consumes alcohol a veggie juice prior to morning meal, and also for morning meal she wants to have oatmeal or muesli with dry fruits, honey mix in milk. For lunches she prefers a great deal of salads and sometimes appreciates smoked or grilled salmon, tofu and even feta cheese. Dinners are kept low with soups, chapatti in addition to vegetable curry. Between she keeps on biting treats every two hrs. She suches as sautéed peanuts, fruits, goat cheese with multi grain biscuits as well as a dark chocolate for treats. For health and fitness she likes doing power yoga exercise, strikes the gym and even plays tennis. Most significantly she keeps herself satisfied and also material as that is what is being in shape and healthy and balanced for her.