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It’s real that we have fresh vegetables throughout the entire year and also we can purchase whatever we want and whenever we want. We just need to run to the local supermarket. So, why should we also bother to ferment veggies as well as protect them for months when we can simply buy fresh ones?

That sure audios right, but it isn’t really. The very best thing you can do for yourselves if you have issues with your gastrointestinal system is to preserve vegetables by fermentation.

What is fermentation?

Fermentation is a procedure that has actually been exercised for numerous years. Fermented foods are foods which have experienced the process of lactofermentation – a procedure in which natural bacteria eat the sugar as well as enters the food producing lactic acid. This easy procedure protects the food and develops valuable enzymes, Omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins and also different pressures of probiotics.

Natural fermentation of foods also maintains nutrients in food as well as breaks the food down to conveniently absorbable form.

What are the advantages of fermented foods?

If you have problems with the digestion system, it will be really difficult to remove them for good unless you enhance the balance in between the valuable microorganisms and also harmful microorganisms which normally exist in your digestive tract. Among the most efficient means to do this is by routine intake of fermented foods.

Consumption of fermented foods could aid slow or turn around some conditions, aid food digestion, improve bowel health, and also improve your immune system.

With normal consumption of fermented foods you will be sure that you are obtaining the highest nutritional worth from your foods. Eating fermented foods will certainly stimulate the growth of healthy and balanced digestive tract plants, which keeps healthy and balanced digestive tract as well as more powerful immune system.

Furthermore, with fermentation you will be able to keep foods for longer durations of time without shedding any of its nutrients. According to some scientists there is a fascinating link in between intestine microorganisms and mental health – 90% of the body’s overall serotonin quantity is created in the digestive system tract. The correct amount of serotonin in the brain makes you really feel calm and also happy.

Health benefits of turmeric

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We are all acquainted with the golden spice that we make use of in many dishes. That dried powdered flavor originates from the origin of the plant Curcuma longa. Turmeric root has very fascinating flavor as well as smell. Its flavor is, cozy, sharp and also bitter while its scent is mild and also a little much like the smell of orange as well as ginger.Despite its use in food preparation, turmeric extract has several health and wellness advantages too.

• It promotes balanced mood,
• Helps wounds heal,
• Regulates blood sugar,
• Helps stiff joints,
– Balances cholesterol degrees,
– Shields the mind and a great deal more.

Health benefits of sauerkraut

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Sauerkraut is fermented cabbage. Sauerkraut is abundant in high levels of nutritional fiber, and additionally significant levels of vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C and many B vitamins. It’s additionally excellent source of iron, copper, manganese, calcium, magnesium and also sodium.

Sauerkraut has one-of-a-kind sour taste yet it’s packed with numerous wellness advantages:

– It decreases danger of cardiovascular disease and also assists preserving a healthy heart,
• Boosts the immune system,
– Assists in power production in the body,
– Prevents stomach ulcers and also colon cancer cells,
– Controls the digestion system,
– Reduces look of creases and the procedure of aging,
• Prevents osteoporosis.

How Making Homemade Turmeric extract Sauerkraut

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Recipe (Makes 1-2 large jars)


• 1 medium shredded cabbage
– 1 tbsp of fine Himalayan salt
– 4 tablespoons of fresh turmeric root (grated or shredded)
– 1/8 1-4 tablespoon newly ground black pepper

You will certainly additionally need these devices:

• Cutting board
• Chef knife
• Gloves
• Large bowl
– Fermenting Crock, Mason Jars with an airlock lid


1. Eliminate the outer fallen leaves of the cabbage as well as put them apart. You will need them later on to maintain the cabbage immersed in its fluid.

2. Cut the full-flavored cabbage to extremely fine, slim and also long items. You could do that with a knife or with a food cpu.

3. Put the sliced cabbage right into a large glass or stainless mixing bowl as well as spray the salt. Placed on the gloves and begin squeezing as well as massaging the cabbage up until it comes to be limp and also juicy. This is a really vital procedure because it breaks up the mobile framework of the cabbage.

4. After regarding 5 minutes of intense massaging you will discover bubbles and a pool of juice. You include the pepper as well as turmeric and blend well.

5. Placed every little thing into a huge glass mason or a fermentation crockery. Tamp down the cabbage as tightly as you can, using your hand or sauerkraut pounder.
Note: Take care! The juice has to cover the cabbage entirely! That is one of the most important action for successful fermentation!

6. Cover the surface of the chopped cabbage with among the large fallen leaves. This will certainly assist maintain the cabbage right into its liquid.
Note: It is recommended to put a fermenting rock on the sliced cabbage which will hold the cabbage under its liquid and also make the procedure of fermentation effective.

7. Then you must shut the jar securely. If you use a mason jar, screw on a kraut kap (this is a better choice compared to a normal lid) made to develop an anaerobic setting that avoids advancement of negative bacteria.

8. Shop the turmeric sauerkraut at an area temperature level far from direct sunlight.

9. Leave it to ferment for at the very least 4 weeks and also up to 6 months – it will be more powerful if you leave it longer.

When it’s done, you can keep the sauerkraut at room temperature level as well as consume it for 8 weeks. If you intend to utilize it for longer period, you ought to keep it in the fridge as well as use it up to 6 months.


– Consume the juice (offered in a shot glass). Or include it to your salad dressings.

– Solid materials require to be fully covered with the water or negative microorganisms will certainly create. If a scum is floating in the salt water of your sauerkraut eliminate it with utilizing a spoon. The components listed below the fluid won’t be influenced by any type of poor bacteria which could multiply over the liquid. If you make use of a fermenting crock or mason containers with proper kraut lids the danger of any kind of microbial contamination amounts to minimum.

– Fermentation can be made complex procedure, so if your sauerkraut has poor smell and bad preference, you need to toss it away right away!