Salman Khan Workout is really intense.Salman Khan eats healthy protein rich diet regimen like chicken, eggs, fish, etc. He takes around 3000 calories a day, which he melts during his regular workout timetable. Salman Khan says

Workout is simply 20% of your body. Just what is more crucial is your diet.

So, don’t cheat yourself by not consuming properly.Salman does not eat sugar in any type of form and refined food as well.

diets that work


  1. 4 Egg whites
  2. Low fat Milk

Pre Workout

  1. Protein shake
  2. Amino Acid Tablet
  3. 2 egg whites

Post Workout

  1. Protein bar
  2. Oats
  3. almonds
  4. 3 egg whites

scarsdale diet


  1. 5 chapatis
  2. veggies
  3. Salad


  1. Almonds and nuts
  2. Protein bar


  1. Fish/Chicken
  2. Veg Soup
  3. 2 egg white

Earlier Salman made use of to be extremely foodie. His favorite cuisine is hot Italian. He made use of to see routinely at Haji Ali Juice Centre as well as consumed his favorite pav bahji, pizzas, juice, Sitaphal ice lotion. He also tweeted concerning this on 28 April, 2012