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For a whole lot of people around the globe, not a day passes without a good cup of tea. It is a favored afternoon routine delighted in by the British populace especially.

The Tea Organization of the U.S.A. has mentioned that about half of the American people enjoy drinking tea on a regular basis. And it is for a great factor – a considerable number of scientific researches have validated that tea uses excellent health provisions, mainly due to its rich web content of antioxidants that avoid numerous illness.

For example, it protects versus various kinds of cancer cells, lowers the risk of a heart strike, helps fight free radicals, as well as promotes weight loss.

It is worth discussing that actual tea comes from a specific plant called Camellia sinensis, which just has four sorts: white, oolong, black, and eco-friendly.

Tea also normally invigorates and also rejuvenates our body without the excessive high levels of caffeine intake.And most of us merely purchase our favored kind of tea from a neighborhood supermarket.

Unfortunately, not all tea brands comply with the safety procedures as well as stringent guidelines when it comes to the manufacturing of tea.So, allow’s uncover just what could be prowling inside an innocently looking tea bag.

High degrees of chemicals as well as fluorides have been discovered in some brands of tea

If you rather realistically presume that tea fallen leaves are washed prior to they are loaded right into bags, your assumption would certainly not be proper most of cases. This reality poses a health and wellness danger if the particular tea fallen leaves have actually been treated with pesticides prior to gathering. In this situation, you would be eating the unsafe chemicals with each other with the aromatic beverage.

Another point that you must take notice of is the term “natural flavors” made use of by non-organic tea brands. They intend to make you believe that the components made use of in the production of their tea brand are natural as well as tidy, when actually they are utilizing components of suspicious top quality, often loaded with cancer causing pest-destroying substances.

The Greenpeace company has actually revealed that a number of extensively eaten brand names of tea conceal a high content of chemicals in their items, consisting of the well-known DDT, which was forbidden for usage a lengthy time ago. Here is where you can discover even more concerning this issue: (Source)

But pesticides are not the only issue that raises problem – fluoride is also the culprit located inside some tea bags. It has been recognized to create thyroid gland interruptions, cracks in the bones, and also mental as well as cognitive impairment.

How can this unsafe component be located in tea?

Fluoride is most probably located in the soil, as well as it is absorbed by the tea plant. It collects in the fallen leaves of the plant as creates. Naturally, the web content of fluoride raises with time. Less expensive tea brand names make use of much more mature tea leaves for their tea production, which contain a higher level of fluoride.

A multitude of the UK citizens have actually been found to be overexposed to fluoride, according to the outcomes of the study from the Food Research International. It is very likely pertaining to their consumption of tea. (Source)

Let’s expose the (in) renowned tea brands that should be stayed clear of

The Canadian Broadcasting Firms have exposed the names of tea brands which contain the above discussed hazardous compounds in risky amounts. Here are a few of them:

  1. Signal
  2. King Cole
  3. No Name
  4. Twinnings
  5. Uncle Lee’s Legends of China
  6. Lipton
  7. Tetley

The King Cole brand name has been located to consist of the compound that leads to arrhythmia and also coma, called monocrotophos. As numerous as 20 kind of pesticides have been discovered in Uncle Lee’s Legends of China, consisting of a seizure-causing endosulfan.( Source)

So just how can you prevent consuming harmful chemicals in your tea?

Right here are a couple of valuable reminders when it comes to purchasing tea:

  • White tea is created from young tea leaves, so it has the least expensive degrees of fluoride. Possibly you might try consuming this tea variety.
  • We recommend you to always review the listing of active ingredients. Various type of flavors, in addition to GMO products are not welcome there.
  • A non-GMO qualified tea brand is always the most effective option.
  • We suggest that you purchase loose fallen leave tea, or you could opt to make your very own preferred mixture.

The complying with brand names have been confirmed to be safe for intake:

  • Rishi Tea
  • EDEN Organic
  • Two Leaves
  • Organic Tazo
  • Red Rose
  • Numi Tea
  • Organic Stash
  • Organic Traditional Medicinals
  • Choice Organic Teas.

If you feel somewhat frustrated with all that has actually been stated so much, that is not the intention of this post whatsoever! We need to not be deprived of the immense health benefits that tea gives.

Our goal is merely to be a lot more cautious when choosing the tea brands offered on the marketplace and also to be advised of our legal rights as customers to eat secure and also good-quality items. It is something we are absolutely qualified to!