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Visit your GP

The physician, method nurse or health care assistant could take a blood stress (BP) reading. Some surgical treatments also have DIY equipments.

Ask your pharmacist

Trained team will certainly measure your high blood pressure. Lloyds, for example, supplies a free drop-in service – no consultation required.

Pressure Terminal (Know Your Numbers Week)

Held in the second week of September, this understanding campaign, run by the charity High blood pressure UK, offers health care specialists to examine your BP in grocery stores, stores, garages, drug stores, gyms, shopping centres, churches, also bus depots.

Buy a home kit

There are several house blood-pressure displays, but leading versions include:

Omron M2 Standard Arm High blood pressure Display HEM-7120 (£21). Scoring 95% in a Which? test, this device is simple with big switches and also clear display screen.

Kinetik Advanced Blood Pressure Screen BPx1TL (approx £29.99). Takes approximately three readings, as suggested by the British Hypertension Society. It also identifies an irregular heartbeat as well as highlights when to seek medical advice.

HoMedics Deluxe Arm High blood pressure Display (BPA-3000 EU), (approx £39.99). Includes an easy-to-read colour sign based on Globe Wellness Organisation standards, discovers irregular heart rates and has 120 memory spaces for 2 users.

Alternatively, ask your GP for an ambulatory BP surveillance kit – a little machine affixed to a belt as well as attached to a cuff around your arm. It records BP during the day and is taken into consideration the most accurate means to examine it.

Know your numbers

Your blood pressure reading consists of:

  • Systolic (top number) – the pressure as your heart pumps out blood.
  • Diastolic (lower number) – the pressure when your heart loosens up between beats.
  • Low high blood pressure: 90/60 mmHG or lower
  • Optimum blood pressure: 90/60-120/ 80 mmHG
  • High high blood pressure: 140/90 mmHG or greater, or approximately 135/85 mmHG at home.

Learn extra about blood stress numbers

Curb your blood pressure now

BP analysis in between 120/80 as well as 140/90mmHG? You have pre-high high blood pressure. Try these actions to bring it down:

10 tips to reduce your blood pressure

Lose weight, if necessary

A decrease of simply 4kg (around 9lb) could lower systolic BP by approximately 4.5 mmHG and diastolic BP by 3 mmHG.

Get fit

Regular exercise could minimize systolic BP by an average of 4-9mm HG. It takes about three months to see results.

Watch what you eat and drink

Slash the salt – no even more compared to 5g/day – as well as minimize alcohol and caffeine.

The best foods to eat for blood pressure

Try an app

ESH CARE (YouCo), the only hypertension app confirmed and also supported by The European Culture of Hypertension (ESH). Permits you to videotape and check your high blood pressure and also has tips on blood-pressure minimizing diet regimen and workout.

Find out more

Visit www.bloodpressure.org for more advice