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Summer is the duration of the year when all of us open the storage room full with vegetables and fruits and also take pleasure in the thrills which nature supplies us endlessly and also for an extremely inexpensive. Most of us want something light as well as hydrating during the boiling days and fruits could provide us so a lot even more than that.

The selection of fruits during the summer period is broader, the only point we have to do is to make the most of that. Nonetheless, as we are getting further in the summertime season, I lacked ideas concerning how to prepare my fruits and also I really intended to experiment and locate first time ways of preparing fruits.

Smoothies dishes are on every corner, consuming raw fruits, although is the finest method, can obtain a little bit dull. I make sure that we are all ready for a brand-new recipe which will certainly enhance our summer.

Lately, I was linkeded on all sorts of berries, especially the blackberry. I designed and improvised so lots of times with fresh blackberry, icy or also canned, but all I could possibly think about is a regular smoothie. Since the moment I made a decision making my very own jam. Blackberry jam turned out to be one of the most scrumptious jam I have ever tried.

How making your homemade blackberry jam?

The process of making your very own jam is fairly easy and basic, do n`t worry if you have actually n`t made canned fruits prior to, it’s an item of cake, you could not enjoy it, however you will certainly for of course do it.


  • 6 c. crushed blackberries
  • 1 box powdered pectin
  • 6 ½ c. Sugar


Before you start making you jam, make sure you have jars, covers and bands, washed and also dry. Put fifty percent complete water in the boiling water canner and also bring it to a simmer. In order to get a wonderful and also smooth structure of the berries, please see to it you squash them cup by cup with potato masher as opposed to making use of mixer.

Pour the berries and 1 box of powdered pectin in a saucepan and also bring it to a rolling boil over tool to high warm by mixing continuously. Include the sugar and also continue with consistent stirring. When it meetings a complete rolling boil, boil for an added min as well as remove it from the range, eliminating the foam.

You can likewise put the containers in a stove, covered with 1 inch of water as well as process for 10 minutes, you can keep the jam unopened for approximately 1 year.

You can constantly make your personal variants with the jam, depending upon the taste and the creativeness. Whichever method you choose it will certainly be a true drink in your kitchen.