Have you been expanding dandelion in a yard for long? Are you addicted to the bitter taste? Did you discover it weird to have as a result of its preference much like a glass of wine or beer? Dandelion is a natural herb that has been in usage for centuries.

Though there are very few items of scientific evidence readily available, Dandelion is considered to be useful in instance of loss of appetite, digestive tract gas, belly ulcers, muscle pains, joint pains and so on. It is counted amongst the ideal treatment for cancer and also viral infections.

But how do you consume it? Individuals around either favor to consume it raw thanks to its bitter addictive taste or use it in salads, soups, wines or teas.

Dandelion tea is the quickest to prepare and also the post will certainly assist you through the interesting facts as well as recipes of dandelion tea.

liquid dietInteresting truths about Dandelion Tea

  • There are different selections available of dandelion tea however one of the most frequently utilized dandelion tea is medically called as Taraxacum Officinale.
  • This plant developed in Eurasia concerning 30 million years back.
  • Dandelion plant grows in the field and people often consider it as the weed as they are not familiar with its beneficiary.
  • Dandelion plant supplements nutrients to the leading soil and includes numerous minerals and nutrients as well as nitrogen to the soil.
  • It draws in pests for pollination and also launches ethylene gas which helps the fruit to ripen up correctly.
  • The mix of 4 dandelion flowers is the symbol of white sulfur spring and also people of West Virginia also celebrate spring season as dandelion event yearly.

Quick DIY Dandelion Recipes

Dandelion Tea

Interestingly, there are lots of recipes available to eat dandelion plant in your meal each day. Amongst all, among the finest methods to take in dandelion plant is dandelion tea.

  • You can make dandelion tea by using its flowers as well as origins.
  • To prepare this, you simply have to leave dandelion origins as well as flowers in the boiling water with the reduced fire and also leave this mixture for virtually HALF AN HOUR.
  • Drain the remedy from origins and flowers. The tea is prepared to be served.

Dandelion Tea Recipes as well as Ingredients

If you desire to prepare dandelion tea, then you will certainly have to obtain hold of some excellent and also fresh leaves. Clean these fallen leaves and dry imaginable. Once it dries out up you can utilize those alone to make tea or together with various other herbs. Naturally, the taste of dandelion leaves is bitter, so it is a good option to blend it with various other natural herbs while preparing tea.

Ingredients that you will certainly need for Dandelion Tea are:

  • 1 part of dandelion fresh leaves (make certain that after tweezing them up you have left it in sunlight to make them dry)
  • 1 part of organic pepper mint leaves
  • Quarter part of organic stevia leaves
  • 1 component of organic cleavers herbs

The visuals below programs various recipes for dandelion tea:

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Consuming dandelion tea with no various other herb can improve digestion. If incorporated with mint taste, the enhancement of antioxidants is most likely to occur whereas enhancement of stevia leaves will certainly make it pleasant as well as aid to boost your digestion system.

Another way is to blend all natural herbs as well as leaves together and place them in a well-labeled airtight glass container. This combination could be thus made use of as tea leaves as well as could be offered either warm or cold.


Another dish to earn coffee beverage making use of dandelion.

  • Clean the origins with running water and make certain that dirt is washed away entirely.
  • After this, chop origins making use of the food mill and wrap in a flat pan to roast at 300 degrees in a stove for at least 2 hours.
  • Then dip it in water for one more 10 mins and also your drink is ready.


Leaves of dandelion plants could be utilized as fresh salad. You could boil these fallen leaves as well as add a pinch of salt. Offer it with lemon juice.

Way To Use Dandelion Plants

It is really simple to reduce fallen leaves of dandelion plants and also clean them under running water and after that contribute to your salad. The procedure is fast and simple but make sure that the fallen leaves that you utilize are not influenced by any kind of kind pesticides or insecticide. This will certainly cause the decrement in the nutrients of plants.

Benefits And also Wonders Of Dandelion Tea

A study highlights variety of advantages supplied by dandelion plant. A few of all-natural advantages are:

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  1. Protects Your Bones

  • Calcium demands of a human body are really high. Drinking Dandelion tea on the day-to-day basis could add to nearly 10% of our day-to-day needs.
  • It helps to maintain the calcium levels of the teeth as well as bones of our body and also maintain them strong.
  • It is likewise practical in situation of blood clot, muscle tightening, and hormone secretion.
  1. Rich In Vitamin K

  • Vitamin K plays an essential function in keeping bones and also heart healthy and balanced. Usage of dandelion is an excellent option to avoid the shortage of vitamin K.
  • Also, it is an excellent component in bone mineralization. Vitamin K builds bones much better in comparison to calcium and also hence reduces the possibilities of fracture.
  • It likewise helps in managing the metabolic process of the body and functioning of the mind.
  • Moreover, vitamin K helps females at the time of menstruation blood loss because it has the residential or commercial property of blood clot. It is following to be taken into consideration as the reliable treatment for cancer, lower the possibilities of the colon, belly, nasal as well as dental cancers.
  1. Act As A Liver Cleanser 

  • The important function of our liver is to produce bile, which aids in damaging down fats right into fats as well as thus filter and detox your blood.
  • It has the excellent capability to save amino acids, helps to synthesize and also metabolize fats as well as cholesterol and control our inner performance.
  • The nutrients present in dandelions helps in liver cleanse and enable them to work appropriately.
  • It likewise has vitamin C which assists in the absorption of minerals and reduces the possibility of growth of any kind of other disease.
  1. Fight Against Diabetes

  • It helps to stimulate the manufacturing of insulin from the pancreatic and also aids in reducing the level of sugar. If pancreas cannot function appropriately as well as degrees of insulin do not remain controlled then it results in diabetic issues.
  • Glucose hence could not be made use of effectively and also results in boost in the level of sugar in blood streams.
  • Dandelions assist to combat versus diabetic issues naturally and also eliminate all excess sugar saved in our body.
  1. Fight Against Skin Infections

  • The white milky compound that gets adhere to your hands when you damage down the stem of dandelions, is in fact fantastic for your skin.
  • The sap of dandelion has germicidal, insecticidal as well as fungicidal buildings.
  • Also, it treatments the significant skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, ringworm as well as various other relevant skin issues.
  1. Rich In Fibers

  • Dandelion eco-friendly as well as tea works as a beneficial help to maintain intestines healthy as well as control food digestion system.
  • Fibre works to draw too much fluids present in your body and thus include bulk to your feces.
  • It decreases the opportunity of weight problems, diabetic issues, and heart-related troubles.
  • It additionally has the power to lower the possibility of some cancers as well as prevent your body from cardiovascular disease.
  1. Rich In Vitamin A

Vitamin A plays a vital role in keeping healthy and balanced vision, skin, as well as neurological functioning. Only a mug of dandelion tea has 100% of the value of Vitamin A. So, one can reduce early aging, as well as infections connected to breathing and also vision impairment.

It supports the immune system of your body as well as aids in preserving healthy skin.

It stops your body from cancer.

One cup of dandelion tea is great for expectant females. Expecting women could experience from the night blindness if the intake of vitamin A is reduced.

  1. Prevents Urinary system System Infections

This tea helps you to avoid your body from urinary tract infection, bladder condition, and also kidney issue along with avoids female in creating cyst in their reproductive organs.

Precautions and Warnings

  • Never ever before dig a plant of dandelion in an area which is unfamiliar to you, like a park near to your location. You will not obtain any type of idea about the soil and also use pesticides and also chemicals by the proprietor of the land. The plant may be abused and would thus lead to an unhealthy dandelion.
  • Before directly taking in dandelion tea or leaves in any type of form, consult a doctor for the same. If your doctor concurs after analyzing your body needs after that you can start having dandelion tea according to their prescription. Over intake of dandelion tea might lead to side effects.


  • Dried origins of dandelion plants are woodier in nature in contrast with fresh origin pieces. If you use dried out roots in the boiling water, it barely takes 5 to 10 mins to infuse in water whereas the fresh roots will gradually instill in the boiling water as well as might take a little longer.
  • To include nutrients as well as preference of natural herbs to the tea, you could add cut fallen leaves in addition to the roots and also various other organic fallen leaves also.

Dandelion Tea Is A Blessing For Us

Those who resolved previously partially of Europe, consider dandelion plant as the most effective food source as well as medical herb for human beings. It was then presented in The U.S.A. and gained appeal globally.

It has several dietary benefits like an excess amount of beta carotene as compared to carrot, iron as compared to spinach, and also the nutrients like zinc, magnesium, healthy protein and also vitamin exist in an excellent amount.

One cup of dandelion tea consists of nearly 112% of vitamin A, around 32% of vitamin C as well as 535% of vitamin K. it is not only beneficial for human beings yet acts as excellent food for birds.