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Squirrels are not the only living animals who are absolutely nuts about nuts. Many people merely love them, for good reason. These Nature’s little nutritional bombs are not only delightful for our taste buds, however our whole body rejoices when we eat them.

They are a mother lode of precious minerals, healthy proteins and also omega-3 fats that increase your entire health and wellness. They can be eaten raw without any additions, salted as well as baked as a tasty crunchy appetizer, or added as a delicious and nutritious enrichment to deserts, salads, or primary dishes.

If you do not couple them with high-fat sweet and tasty toppings, they are additionally waist-line friendly considering that they fill you up with their rich fiber content and normally suppress the cravings. There is one point, however, that you should want when you take in various sort of nuts.

Consuming raw nuts could create stomach inflammation and nutrient deficiency.It might surprise you to uncover that nuts in their raw type contain substantial quantities of phytic acid, which is a type of phosphorus.

Nature created them in this means to safeguard the seeds from possible predators before they begin to germinate and also to offer antioxidant care for the plants.

Nuts additionally contain enzymes that do not allow early growing of nuts in their natural surroundings, which can trigger specific problems for human consumption.The microorganisms of nut-eating pets are normally changed for handling and also damaging down these substances.


Since the bodies of people lack this capacity, the phytic acid becomes attached to vital minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron as well as zinc in our digestion organs, avoiding them to process the nuts like they should.Furthermore, this can trigger other issues in our gastrointestinal tract, like the feeling of thickness as well as discomfort in our lower abdomen. Grains and also legumes additionally consist of phytic acid.

Fortunately, there is a straightforward method to neutralize both the phytic acid as well as the unwanted enzymes.Soaking removes the dangerous compounds as well as makes nuts conveniently digestible.Salt water makes all the needed changes in the nuts, neutralizing the phytic acid as well as the enzyme inhibitors that obstruct food digestion.

Soaking does not remove the priceless nutrients from the nuts. As a matter of fact, it enhances our bodies’ ability to soak up the essential nutrients, while maintaining them at the same time. Soaking likewise activates the manufacturing of certain enzymes that reduce digestion.

The custom of soaking nuts with the mix of warm from the sunlight and salt water has actually been known and also made use of in different cultures for a long period of time. This technique appears to be too costly as well as troublesome for huge food producers, we can quickly saturate nuts at home.

Is saturating nuts definitely essential for everyone?

People with a very healthy as well as strong gastrointestinal system do not usually experience any type of issues when eating nuts considering that their digestion body organs could place up with a tiny amount of phytic acid and also make up for the improperly soaked up minerals with a good high quality diet.

If you have digestive issues after consuming nuts as well as seeds, if your diet regimen includes larger amounts of grains, beans and also nuts, or if your body lacks B-group minerals and vitamins, then saturating nuts is certainly recommendable for you.

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How can we soak nuts?

The approach is the same for all the nuts as well as seeds, only the timing can be somewhat various relying on the type of nut. The main steps are as complies with:

1. Put 4 mugs of raw nuts or seeds right into a medium-sized container. If conditions permit that, it is constantly suggested that you acquire natural nuts as a much healthier option.

2. Add the necessary quantity of filtered water to ensure that the nuts are totally covered in water.

3. Mix in 1-2 tbsps of sea salt

4. Cover the container and also allow it sit for approximately 7 hours

5. After this time, nuts should be rinsed as well as dispersed equally on a shelf to permit dehydration

6. Finally, the nuts need to be dried out at a temperature level around 150 F, either in a dehydrator or in the stove until nuts acquire a crispy appearance. The procedure will certainly extract from 12-24 hours.

What about roasting nuts?

Although the crunchy appearance and the taste of roasted nuts could interest your taste, it certainly does not use the same benefits as soaking.Poor quality, harmful oils are generally utilized in the production of store-bought fried nuts.

When it concerns dry toasting, the incredibly heats utilized in this process damage the priceless nutrients and also cause the fats in the nuts to disintegrate, enabling the unsafe tasks of free radicals.

What should we perform in instance we do not have a dehydrator?

Drying nuts and also seeds at a reduced temperature level using a dehydrator enables us to maintain the top quality of the delicate fatty acids and enzymes in the nuts. This device can typically be pricey, so not everybody can afford it. Making use of the stove is absolutely possible, as long as you beware to regulate the proper temperature level, 110 F being the optimal warmth.

Soaking nuts is certainly worth the initiative. Not only will you discover that your food digestion is dramatically boosted, yet you will certainly be favorably stunned by the light crispiness as well as the impressive flavor that is obtained via this method.