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Q: I have actually just had a regular eye examination and was shocked to uncover I have early cataracts in both eyes. I remain in my sixties as well as, besides should put on reading glasses, have actually always believed I had twenty-twenty. Does this mean I will need an operation?

A: A cataract is an opacity of the lens of the eye and many are age related – as many as a 3rd of people in their sixties will certainly have cataracts to some degree, as will certainly around three-quarters of those in their seventies.

Cataracts: causes and symptoms

The majority of individuals with cataracts never ever should have them dealt with. You just require referral to an eye cosmetic surgeon if you are experiencing signs that affect your capacity to perform day-to-day tasks, or hinder your quests or leisure activities.

Typical signs and symptoms consist of blurred distant vision, trouble differentiating colours, bothersome glare (specifically when driving at night) and also problems reading or doing close work also when wearing glasses.

And also if you do require surgery it is nothing to be stressed over. The damaged lens is gotten rid of under regional anaesthesia (usually simply eye declines) and also changed with an artificial one, and also in regards to result it is the most successful surgery offered on the NHS.

Cataract surgical procedure – exactly what you require to know