Deepika Padukone is state degree badminton player and also Indian cover girl. This 26 year old starlet need to be having a stringent exercise routine as any gown fits her – whether Indian or Western. This 5 ft 9 in cover girl says that

‘ I do normal workout, yoga, eat healthy and balanced and positive thinking is what makes me look excellent.’

Deepika doesn’t have a personal health and fitness instructor. But, she takes aid from Yasmin. Let’s inspect out her proper workout routine from the fitness instructor Yasmin Karachiwala.

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Deepika Padukone Exercise Routine

Deepika wakes up early as 6 am in the early morning and also heads to her garden as well as does yoga exercise as well as free-hand exercises.

Celebrity trainer Yasmin presented Deepika with the complying with exercise regimen:-

  • Gym – Deepika goes to fitness center, whenever she likes. She is not in a behavior of going to fitness center everyday and also do functioning out there. Rather, she wants to hang out on pilates and free-hand workouts. But, when on scenic tour, if she cannot do any kind of exercise, she does most likely to the hotel health club. It occur sometimes, that she is not be able to do exercise for 2 weeks, because of her active timetable. Deepika, simply do lightweight, relying on which body component is being functioned upon.
  • Yoga – Deepika likes yoga exercise significantly and does it daily in the morning. She does different Asans, which aid her to look young, fresh as well as healthy.
  • Walks – Deepika doesn’t like running. She does day-to-day walks for about half a hr in the early morning, after her yoga session.
  • Dance – Dancing is an additional task, which she likes, if she is not in a state of mind of doing various other exercises. Dancing is a wonderful exercise, which aids her to maintain her lean figure.
  • Pilates and Stretching – Yasmin presented Deepika to pilates and also extending workouts, which Deepika also likes which is why, she executed these workouts in her daily workout regimen. Pilates is a fantastic method to preserve flexibility as well as that also with no devices. Just what you require is some area and a floor covering. In Deepika’s very own words

‘ I do a lot of free-hand weights as well as 4 to 5 collections of stretching exercises with 20 reps, in between Pilates or stretching regimens.’

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During her olden days, i.e., when she remained in college, she used to play badminton in the early morning and in mid-day, when school was over, which has assisted her a fantastic method to maintain the body’s adaptability. What Yasmin says concerning this. Pay attention to her

‘ Pilates has actually done wonders on her body as well as makes use of a mix of yoga and stamina to tighten the core muscles of the body and also unwinds the mind. ‘

This is the workout regimen, when Deepika is in town. However, she is a lot of the moments out for her shooting and remains busy because. She simply does a mix of yoga, swimming and if she finds a regional fitness instructor, after that likewise does some pilates.

So, this is the workout regimen of this leggy starlet. Deepika’s diet is more crucial than her workout in maintaining that awesome figure.

Deepika Padukone Diet Plan

Deepika Padukone doesn’t starve herself and is a huge food lover. Yasmin Karachiwala suggests her to consume tiny dishes at a normal period of 2 hrs. Yasmin says

‘ We just recently uncovered Quinoa, a carbohydrate replacement high in fiber which has functioned marvels for Deepika’


  • 2 egg whites
  • Low fat milk


  • In non-veg, she suches as fishes, generally barbequed to avoid additional fat
  • In veg, she eats vegetables.

Evening Snacks

  •  Almonds
  • Filter Coffee (She suches as South Indian food excessive)

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  • She prevents non-veg and also various other hefty food at night.
  • Just consumes salads, roti (chapati), veggies. i.e. a full well balanced diet regimen, which provides her practically every nutrient. She avoids rice at night.

After every 2 hours

  • After every 2 hrs, as suggested by Yasmin, Deepika consumes fresh fruits or often beverages fresh fruit juices, whatever she likes.

Deepika, being a South Indian, likes South Indian food a lot like rice, dosa, upma, and so on. She prefers them. As an example, she consumes dosa without potato dental filling. Additionally, while having idli, she changes coconut chutney with environment-friendly chutney, and also like wise.